Leonids 2000 : Observational Results!

The DMS Leonid Expedition 2000 in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands

(Last updated: 21-11-2000)
Weather Forecasts
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Satellite Images
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Sierra Nevada
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De Bilt / Chaam
(Last updated: 01-06-2001)
DMS others
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(Last updated: 20-11-2000)
(Last updated: 30-11-2000)

Attention please:

This page provides the combined observational results of the Sierra Nevada teams in Spain and the Moncarapacho and Almodovar teams in Portugal as well as the teams in the Netherland and elsewhere.
Whenever you access this page please be sure to reload it while new information may be added. Happy reading!
Please do not forget to visit the website of our fellow observers of the International Meteor Organisation (IMO) who will have obtained observational results too.

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