Leonids 1995: Photographic results

Hans Betlem, Olga van Mil, Jeffrey Landlust

In november 1995 the Dutch Meteor Society organised an expedition to the Spanish province of Andalucia to monitor a possible second enhanced return of the Leonid meteor shower. 21 observers manned three Spanish stations and a fourth was equipped with Dutch camera's and manned by members of the Spanish Meteor Society. Also in the Californian Bay area a three station photographic patrol network was set up.

The visual and photographic campaigns were very successfull. More than 70 meteors were photographed from two or more stations, among them about 35 Leonids and 5 alpha Monocerotids.
From 31 Leonids radiant and trajectory data could be computed and 24 of these enabled orbital computations. The article in Radiant deals with the final photographic results for the Leonids. Trajectory data and radiant positions are presented. In 1995 only one rather compact radiant was active in the photographic domain. A very condensed position seems to mark the outburst component.

Geocentric radiantpositions, Leonids 1995 DMS. Radiant positions have been corrected for radiant drift to November 18, 0h UT and radiant from trajectories with a Q angle smaller than 10 degrees have been removed. A radiant concentration at RA=153.7; DC=+21.9 is obvious.

Radiant positions Leonids. IAU data 1938-1980 (N=25). Values from the IAU database are transferred to 2000.0 and corrected for radiant drift to 1995 November 18, 0h UT.

Radiant positions Leonids. IAU data 1965-1966. The same corrections as for the previous figure are used. There is no concentration of radiant positions as is shown in the 1995 DMS data.

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