Leonids/alpha Monocerotids 1995: USA

Californian Bay area three station network (Peter Jenniskens)

The Leonids and alpha Monocerotids expedition of the
Dutch Meteor Society
November 1995, Andalucia Spain.
Observing stations were setup at:
Alcudia, Almedinilla, Chirivel and Zafaraya.
The DMS expedition members gather in front of the public observatory at Bussloo with their technical equipment consisting of camera batteries and videocamera's.

The great Leonid fireball of november 18, 11h45m22s UT over bay area, California USA.

[Leonid The fireball photographed from
Henry Coe State park.
Observers were Mike Koop and Peter Zeruvan.

[Leonid The same fireball, photographed from the
visitors centre of the San Luis Reservoir,
by Peter Jenniskens and Gerard Heyenga.
At both station the rotating shutters
occulted at 50 breaks per seconds.

Photo's of the train of the fireball were made by Peter Jenniskens
from San Luis reservoir at one minute intervals.
Picture 6 was exposed for 10 minutes
[Train1, [Train2, [Train3,
[Train4, [Train5, [Train6,

For a complete acount of the 1995 multi station Leonid campaign in California:
Radiant, Journal of the Dutch Meteor Society, volume 18 number 2, April 1996, pp. 33-34

() Dutch Meteor Society - Peter Jenniskens

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