Geminids 1996: congratulations!!
DMS-members observing the Geminids 1996

Geminid of -1 in Leo on december 14 at 00:31:20 UT by team Delphinus at Biddinghuizen

Geminids '96 : an overview
DMS FTP-site : fine Geminid photographs!
Visual results: team Pisces Orientalis (Var.) new!
Photographic results: team Pisces Orientalis (Var.)
Photographic results: team Delphinus
Visual results: team Delphinus (Biddinghuizen)
Impressions: team Delphinus (Biddinghuizen)
Video results: Marc de Lignie (Leidschendam)
Visual results: Carl Johannink (VST-Lattrop)
Visual results: Erwin van Ballegoy (Haarlem)

Scan this page frequently while it will be updated on a regular basis and contains the latest on the observations of GEMINIDS by the DMS!

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