Geminids 1996: an overview
DMS-members observing the Geminids 1996

Weather overview:

Meteorobservers in the Netherlands are very proud to have experienced a fully clear sky over the entire country just during the maximum of the famous Geminid meteorstream! We have suffered for a whole week under misty, cloudcovered conditions without having much chance to see the sun or even to see the starry sky for a moment. Just in time at the beginning of the evening of friday December 13 the clouds disappeared alltogether and dry clean polar airmasses conquered the country within a few hours. Team Delphinus in the center of the Netherlands started their observations around 19 UT and team Pisces Orientalis at the German border only a little hour afterwards. Nearly all observers in the Netherlands could keep on observing under almost excellent skies till twilight.

Active observers:

Observational results:

Thanks to the all clear night we were able to observe the Geminids in full! In what follows we present a very first indication of the order of magnitude of observational results regarding visual, photographic and image intensified video:

The Geminids 1996 have been a splendid succes to all observers in Holland. This famous Geminid observing campaign is sure to rank sky-high in the DMS historybooks!

Please go back to the Geminid '96 index page to consult the appropriate pages to learn of the observational results of all the active DMS-observers. Scan these pages frequently as they will be updated whenever new results become available!

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