Geminids 1996: photographic results team Pisces Orientalis
DMS-members observing the Geminids 1996

Observers: Guus Docters van Leeuwen, Olga van Mil, Jeffrey Landlust, Michelle van Rossum, Marinel Futselaar, Els Riep, Ingrid Goudsmit, Annemarie Zoete, Hans Klück and Hans Betlem.

Photographic observations were performed during the night December 13/14 1996 between 19.30 UT and 6.00 UT. 23 Camera’s (Canon FD f/1.8-50 mm) equipped with 50 b.p.s. rotating shutters were used.
In total 303 meteor trails were recorded on 736 exposed images of 20 minutes each. Many of them may be photographed from two or more stations.
The finest meteor trails from station Varsseveld can be found at the DMS FTP site. Some of them are reproduced at the end of this page. Please scroll down.

Visual observations resulted in about 4000 recordings. Our first results can be found elsewhere on this site.

Additional low light television observations were performed in close cooperation with our colleagues of team Delphinus at Biddinghuizen. We expect having caught about 300-400 multi station video images of Geminids down to magnitude +6.

gem9601.txt gem9602.txt
gem9601.txt gem9602.txt gem9603.txt
gem9605.txt gem9606.txt
gem9604.txt gem9605.txt gem9606.txt
gem9608.txt gem9609.txt
gem9607.txt gem9608.txt gem9609.txt
gem9610.txt gem9611.txt gem9612.txt
gem9613.txt gem9614.txt spo01.txt

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