Short overview on activities
Introducing the Dutch Meteor Society

DMS is probably most well known for it's photographic results and pioneering work in this particular (and important) subfield of meteor astronomy. At present, DMS is by far the World's largest producer of high precision photographic and videographic orbital elements on a scale which both qualitatively and quantitatively matches and often even surpasses the professional results in the IAU photographic database at Lund (Sweden). DMS photographic results of the last 15 years are at this moment under preparation for publication in a professional journal and for addition to the IAU database at Lund.
DMS runs 7 permanent automatic all-sky stations, which are part of the larger European Network (EN).

The Dutch Meteor Society has several active visual observers among its members. Their observational results of the period 1981-1991 have been used for the construction of a set of activity curves published by P. Jenniskens "peter (at)" in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics [vol. 287 (1994), pp. 990 - 1013]. This publication also includes mass influx data for many streams and models on general stream behaviour.

A new and inspiring field was entered a few years ago when some members started to use image intensified video equipment.

Another, relatively 'foreign' field in which DMS has moved recently is that of meteorite research, most notably research on the large Mbale strewnfield in Uganda, Africa.

Please refer to our DMS FTP-site for a large number of high quality photographs of meteors, meteorites and all kinds of observational equipment.

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