Dutch All Sky Network

The Dutch all-sky network consist of 7 fully automatic all-sky camera's equipped with Canon FD f/2.8-15 mm or Canon FD f/5.6-7 mm fish-eye lenses. At present (situation October 1995) the following stations are in regular use :

DMS All-Sky stations
Code Observer Station Longitude Latitude
EN91 Hans Betlem Leiden 52-11-02 04-30-01
EN92 M. Betlem Elsloo 50-56-45 05-46-02
EN95 Jos Nijland Benningbroek 52-42-08.1 05-01-30.9
EN96 Piet Koning Loenen 52-07-17.6 06-01-27.4
EN97 Klaas Jobse Oostkapelle 51-34-21.7 03-32-15.9
EN98 Koen Miskotte Harderwijk 52-20-01.1 05-39-30.1
EN99 Jaap van 't Leven Bosschenhoofd 51-34-14.2 04-32-32.6

All cameras make use of rotating shutters running at 8.333 breaks per second.
The all-sky cameras at the stations Leiden and Oostkapelle are equipped with photomultipliers that automatically registrate the time of appearence of bright meteors. The Leiden camera is equipped with a clear sky detector which automatically switches the camera on when the sky clears.
The Dutch all-sky network photographs several bright fireballs multistation every year. Orbital and trajectory data have been added to the DMS Photographic meteor database which is available for downloading at our DMS FTP-site

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