Leonids 2001: Observational Results!

The Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001

by Sietse Dijkstra, Robert Haas, Casper ter Kuile, Koen Miskotte, Jos Nijland, Arnold Tukkers and Michel Vandeputte
Jin Zhu, Xiaojun Jiang, Bin Yang, Huan Meng, Dan Xia, Xuefei Gong, Haitao Chen, Min Guan, Wenzhong Liu, Jian Gao, Rui Qi, Yongming Chen

The Sino Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001
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Location Map
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Combined Results
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IAUC 7755
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(Last updated: 25-11-2001)

Attention please:

This page provides the combined observational results of the Xinglong, PanShan, Miyun and Great Wall teams of the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expediton 2001. Whenever you access this page please be sure to reload it while new information may be added. Happy reading!

Acknowledgements and Sponsoring of the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001

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