Leonids 1999: Observational Results!

The DMS Leonid Expedition 1999 in Spain

Team "València": Photographic Results

(Casper ter Kuile)
"Dos Aguas"
(Robert Haas)
Camera's and Film Camera's and Film
Exposure data Exposure data
Photographic ZHR Photographic ZHR
Images! Images!

(Last updated: 99-12-16)

Station "Xaló": Camera's and Films

Photography at station Xaló - Spain
Camera & SectorFilm & Developing
Camera: Canon T-70Film: Kodak Tri-X Pan 400
Lens: Canon FD 1.8/50 mmDeveloper: Kodak HC-110
Aperture stop: 2.8Developing temperature: 24° C
Sector: 6 blades / 30°Stopbath: Amaloco S 10
Rotational speed: 12.5 rpm
(75 breaks/second)
Fixing: Amaloco X 88

Station "Xaló": Exposuredata

Photography at station Xaló - Spain
Exposuretime 50 mm camera's: 9m58s ; 85 mm camera's: 7m58s
Exposuredata on November 17/18, 1999 (all times in UT)
ElevationNo. of
No. of
No. of
Total exp. time
85 mm55°63621600:07:0004:55:004h48m

Station "Xaló": Photographic ZHR

All meteors photographed by camera's 12, 14, 16, 32, 34, 26 and 38 are used to construct the above graphics. A total of 402 meteors!

Station "Xaló": Images!

Nearly all films of station Xaló of team Valencia are developed now! We did not experience any technical problems, all camera's performed flawlessly. Image quality exceeds all expectations. Numerous Leonids have been photographed. Most of them being weak ones but also some brighter ones are among them.

Station "Dos Aguas"

Station "Dos Aguas": Camera's and Films

Station "Dos Aguas": Exposuredata

Station "Dos Aguas": Photographic ZHR

Station "Dos Aguas": Images!

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