Leonids 1996

Preliminary results by DMS, IMO & RMOB

This Leonid impression made by Robert Haas

This page contains information on our 1996 expedition to the Leonids. These pages are devoted too summarize our observational results. First preliminary results available now!

The Delphinus/Astra "crash"-teams successfully observed the Leonids!
Marco Langbroek performed a preliminary calculation of the visual Zenith Hourly Rates

Leonids 1996: DMS Observational results
Leonids 1996: IMO Observational results
Leonids 1996: RMOB Observational results
Leonids 1995: Expedition to Andalucia, Spain
Leonids 1995: Photographic Results
Leonid '98
Meteor Outburst Mission Homepage (Peter Jenniskens)

Scan this page frequently while it will be updated on a regular basis and contains the latest on the next generation LEONIDS expedition of the DMS!

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