Geminids 2001

DMS-members observing the Geminids 2001

Jean-Marie Biets : Photographic Observations of Geminids
Rob Sanders : Photographic Observations of Geminids
Robert Haas : Photographic Observations of Geminids
Arnold Tukkers : Visual Observations of Geminids
Carl Johannink : Visual Observations of Geminids
Koen Miskotte : Visual Observations of Geminids
Remco Scheepmaker : Visual Observations of Geminids
Michel Vandeputte : Visual Observations of Geminids
Marco Langbroek : Visual Observations of Geminids
Rita Verhoef : Visual Observations of Geminids
Sietse Dijkstra : Visual Observations of Geminids
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Last updated: 7 april 2002

Jean-marie Biets, Wilderen, Belgium

3 Geminids are visible on this picture. The one at top left is in Camelopardalis, the one at bottom left is very near Capella and the Geminid below the center of the image, perpendicular to the startrails, is in Perseus.

Date/timeDecember 13th 2001
ExposureStart: 23h21m15s - End: 23h33m09s UT
CameraPraktica MTL 3 with 1.8/50 mm lens
FilmKodak Tri-X 400 ASA
Negative number6
DeveloperKodak T-max, 10 minutes at 20C
LocationWilderen, Belgium
Geographical coordinates5 08',357 E ; 50 49',230 N

Rob Sanders, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Constellationto the left of Orion
Limiting magnitude5.5
Date/timeDecember 14th 2001
Observing interval00:00 - 00:30 UT
Exposuretime3 minutes
CameraMinolta SR-1 with 1:4 135mm TC lens
FilmKodak Gold Ultra 400
Image enhancementAdobe Photoshop
LocationLeenderheide which is south of the city of Eindhoven
Geographical coordinates5 31' 44" E ; 51 21' 58" N (ANWB paddestoel 20934 [A2])

Robert Haas, Alphen aan de Rijn, the Netherlands

Arnold Tukkers, Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands

Carl Johannink, Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands

Average magnitude Geminids: 2.39 // Average magnitude Sporadics: 3.71

Koen Miskotte, Ermelo, the Netherlands

Remco Scheepmaker, Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands

Michel Vandeputte, Frasnes Les Anvaing, Belgium

Marco Langbroek, Voorschoten, the Netherlands

Rita Verhoef, Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands

Sietse Dijkstra, Cosmos Observatory, Lattrop, the Netherlands

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