Leonids 2001: Photographic Results at Xinglong station

The Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001

1. Observers at Xinglong station
2. Equipment used at Xinglong station
3. Exposure data at Xinglong station
4. Photo's made by Koen Miskotte at Xinglong station
5. Photo's made by Arnold Tukkers at Xinglong station
6. Photo's made by Casper ter Kuile at Xinglong station
7. Persisting trains photographed by Casper ter Kuile at Xinglong station
8. Photo's from the Camera-array at Xinglong station

Last updated: 30 december 2001

The observatory platform of the Schmidt observatory at the Xinglong station

Observers at Xinglong Station

Casper ter KuileJin Zhu
Koen MiskotteXiaojun Jiang
Arnold TukkersBin Yang
Huan Meng
Dan Xia
Xuefei Gong
Haitao Chen

Photographic equipment used at Xinglong Station

The "Hazen" camera-array
Camera & SectorFilm & Developing
Camera: 11 Canon T-70Film: Kodak Tri-X Pan 400
Lens: Canon FD 1.8/50 mmDeveloper: Kodak HC-110
Control: Canon Command Back 70Developing time: 6 minutes
Aperture stop: 2.8Developing temperature: 24 - 28 C
Sector: 6 blades / 30Stopbath: Amaloco S 10 (2 minutes)
Rotational speed: 12.5 rps
(75 breaks/second)
Fixing: Amaloco X 88 (10 minutes)

Exposure times at Xinglong station

Start of Exposure14:30 UT14:30 UT14:30 UT
End of Exposure21:54 UT21:54 UT21:42 UT
Exposure Time12 minutes12 minutes12 minutes
Total number of exposures373637
Total Exposure Time444 minutes432 minutes444 minutes

Acknowledgements and Sponsoring of the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001

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