Perseids 2004 - Observing locations

DMS Perseid Expedition 2004 to:
Biddinghuizen (the Netherlands), Britzingen (Germany), Darmanesti and Corbasca (Romania)

The map above, drawn by Carl Johannink, illustrates very nicely where observing conditions are good and where bad. Observers at locations above the line from bottom left to top right will suffer twilight at peaktime. Observers at locations below the line from top left to bottom right will suffer from a radiant elevation below 30 degrees. Best locations to observe the peak is below the firstline and above the second one. Favourable countries are: Tsjechie, Slovakia, most eastern part of Austria, Hungaria, Romania and the southern part of Poland.

This map shows our main observing location at Darmanesti which is indicated here as a red point left from Bacau at the top of this map. The capital Bucharesti is located below the center of this map. Note also the city of Varna in Bulgaria at the very bottom of the map which hosted the IMC-2004.

This detailed map shows you the locations of the main observing camp near Darmanesti and of the second multistation camp near Corbasca. Both are indicated by ellipses.

Geographical coordinates of Darmanesti (841 m altitude), Romania:
46 21' N
26 25' E

Geographical coordinates of Corbasca (841 m altitude), Romania:
46 16' N
27 10' E

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