Perseids 1997: photographic results

team Delphinus, Biddinghuizen

As you will understand many meteors will have been photographed by the Delphinus-team in Biddinghuizen. At this moment the incredible number of 128 films are ready for development! This is very probably an all-time record for team Delphinus and the (former) team Buurse. All details will be published at this page. So stay tuned!

For each night we will split up the photography into 4 sections:

Technology overview:

For each camerabattery the following information will be published:

For each night the following numbers will be published:

Latest: at this moment (fridaymorning august 15) 16 films have been developed. Later today another tranch of 8 films will be developed. And 4 tranches of 8 films are on schedule for saturday and sunday.

We (DMS - team Delphinus) are gratefull Kodak Nederland BV has sponsored our Perseid campaign by generally supplying us the photographic material (Kodak Tri-X pan ISO-400 films) which are used during this very successfull Perseid campaign and will be used in future photographic campaigns such as the Orionids, Taurids, Leonids and Geminids.

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