Observational results Perseids 1995

Casper ter Kuile, Marco Langbroek, Koen Miskotte, Robert Haas
Poster Presentation at the IMC'95: Brandenburg, Germany, 14-17 September 1995

Actually the observations took place in the period from the midst of july to the beginning of august. Most observers had there maximum effort around the Capricornids and Aquarids.

Preliminary observational results Perseids '95:

Number of photographed meteors:

Estimated number of multistation meteors: 20-30

Some observers of the Dutch Meteor Society tried to observe a possible outburst of the Perseids in Langevelderslag at the Dutch coast during evening hours of august 12. Among them Hans Betlem and Marco Langbroek. The ZHR-profile has been calculated by Marco using visual observations of the observers present at Langevelderslag. DMS observers noticed no increase in activity due to a possible outburst. However: they did observe some bright meteors during twilight which might be caused by a increase in activity.

This photo shows the equipment used by the observers of team Biddinghuizen. At front the "high" battery equipped with 6 Canon T-70 camera's which are programmed to function automatically by means of a Command-Back 70. At the rear right the "low" battery consisting of 7 Canon AV-1's controlled by a Canon T-70 equipped with a Command-Back 70. At rear left the "zenith" battery equipped with 4 Canon T-70's. Koen Miskotte at right and Casper ter Kuile at left in full winter clothing... Note the ripe on the grass at either side of the road. Temperatures dropped to -8 degrees during the morning!

Some technical characteristics:

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