Orionids 1993: visual observations (II)

Unusual high meteor-activity at october 17/18 reported by Hans Betlem et.al.

In addition to our earlier report regarding the observations of koen miskotte on unusual high ORIONID activity october 17/18: we have an independent conformation. Hans Betlem, a well known meteor photographer, observing from Sinderen (eastern part of the Netherlands) reports unexpected high rates for the night october 17/18 around 1-2 UT. Hans has been observing together with twelve unexperienced youngsters. He noted what he calls extraordinary high activity. Unfortunately since all youngsters where unexperienced this means we have no unambiguous visual results. Hans himself was not (officially) committing visual observations since he had to take care of the photographic program.

However the plain fact that Hans, who is active in the field of meteors for more than 20 years now, had the serious impression of really unusual high activity can be seen as a definite confirmation of the observations of Koen Miskotte. Moreover Hans also reports the appearance of an usual number of extremely bright orionids among them a fireball of -6 magnitude.

Hans is currently working on an evaluation of the photographic results to find out if the visual observations can be confirmed. Please note that Hans remarked on his impressions BEFORE he learned of the observations of Koen Miskotte.

We would like to make a strong call for other observations to be reported, to see if they confirm the enhanced activity or not.

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