The DMS Meteorite Report Form
Information on Meteorites

Still convinced that your odd looking stone is a meteorite? Then complete the information sheet below!

If you are from the Netherlands, we will contact you by phone if we believe your report might point to a genuine meteorite. If you are from a foreign country, we will try to get you in contact with a meteoritical scientist from your own country.

We emphasize that, if your 'meteorite' turns out to be a genuine one, it is of prime importance that scientists should get a sample for research before some mineral dealer gets away with all of it. Meteorites invariably provide scientificly very valuable information upon research. What you do with your specimen after research is up to you, but we would like to make an appeal to you to donate the whole or at least a part of the meteorite to a (local) Natural History Museum. Meteorites are enigmatic pieces of the bygone ages of solar system formation 4.5 billion years ago, messengers from the fast outskirts of space and distant times. They deserve to be placed in a museum where everyone is able to admire them. And in some countries this is even requested by law, actually.

How to fill in this form?

Try to be as accurate and critical as possible. Avoid imagination. When descriptions are asked, try to be so accurate, elaborate but clear as possible. Avoid descriptions which can be ambiguously to interpret or do not confirm with the actual properties of your object. Don't forget to complete the personal data like e-mail address, telephone, etcetera!

Use the Submit Your Report button to submit your report to DMS. Please let us know if you like this Meteorite Report Form and please feel free to make any suggestions to improve the Meteorite Report Form in the future!

DMS Meteorite Report Form

Name of observer: Observing group: Address: Number: Zip-code: City: Country: Phonenumber: FAX-number: E-mail:
Date of fall/find: Time of fall/find: [UT] Fall or find: Fall/find locality: [city, landmark]
Impact features: [yes/no] Fusion crust: [yes/no] Magnetic: [yes/no] Porous: [yes/no] Metal or stony: Colour interior: Size: [cm] Weight: [grams] Density estimate: [kg/m3]
In case of a fall please indicate if you: Did you hear any sounds accompanying the fall and/or did you see a fireball some minutes before the fall? Sounds / Fireball: [yes/no yes/no]
Please use the comment fields below to describe:
  • the find/fall location e.g. geographical coordinates
  • the find/fall circumstances
  • possible impact features
  • accompanying sounds
  • any observed fireball

Thank you for your information! We will contact you as soon as possible!

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