The Glanerbrug meteorite fall

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On April 7, 1990 at 18h32m UT a chondrite of about 700 grams came down in the Dutch town of Glanerbrug, very close to the German border. This photo shows all collected fragments together with small particles from the roof of the house through which it entered.

(Photo NNM; National Museum of Natural History, Leiden, the Netherlands)

Here are some impressions regarding the impact of the meteorite on the Wichmanns house at the village of Glanerbrug near Enschede in the eastern part of the Netherlands just a few kilometers from the German border.

Searching for the Glanerbrug Left:
Members of the
Dutch Meteor Society
are searching the vicinity
of the impact region for more
fragments of the meteorite.

View of the hole in the roof
of the studyroom of the
Wichmanns house.
The hole in the roof at the inside of the house

The hole in the roof at the outside of the house Left:
View of the hole in the roof
as seen from the outside.

Fragments of the meteorite
and of rooftiles scattered
all over the floor.
Pieces of the meteorite all over the floor

Overview of the room with fragments scattered all around Left:
An overview of
the studyroom.

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