IMC 2000 : Pucioasa - Romania
September 21 - 24, 2000 (SARM)

Preliminary impressions (last updated: october 12)

Overwelming, inspiring, in one word: great!

In fact: such words cannot express our feelings well.

Valentin en all other Romanians: thank you so very much! You did a wonderfull job.

Marc and I and all other participants were happy to be with you in Romania.

For this moment: a more detailed impression will follow soon. Please stay tuned.

And for now we have some very first nice pictures for you.... Enjoy!

Other IMC-2000 pictures:

Javor Kac, MBKTeam, Slovenia

Valentin Grigore, SARM, Romania

Jordan, Bulgarian and Dutch participants on siteseeing in Bucaresti
From left to right are: Mohammed Odeh, Marc de Lignie, Misho Mihov, Maria Krumova, Khaled Ma'an Tell, Elena Sarbinska, Dobri Dobrev and Catalina Soloveanu

IMC participants altogether jump on the delecious Argentinian cookies
Juan Martin Semegone from Argentina is on the far left

The inseparable groupphoto of only a part of the IMC participants
Ai, ai... too many people on this picture... But you will recognise some persons such as the man with the hat at left which is Valentin Grigore.
In the middle on his knees is Marc Gyssens and at right (with white hair) is Daniel Ocenas

Of course also at this IMC: so later at night, the more bottles, the more fun...
At the front right is Sirko Molau, next to him is Javor Kac, in darkblue shirt is Georg Dittie, next to him is Chris Trayner and next to him in white shirt is David Asher; at the end of the table is Mirko Nitschke and left from him is Petra Rendtel; at far left is Daniel Fisher

Everything comes to an end: this marvellous IMC too alas.
At right is Marc Gyssens and left from him is Valentin Grigore

Marc de Lignie and I never forget the people, culture and nature of the country which we are visiting. Do they have mountains? O.K. then it's a great country! So we hiked through the Bugeti mountains and paid a short visit to the Piatra Craiului. Here we are experiencing beatifull but cold weather at the summit of Omul peak of the Bugeti mountains. Please do know Romania is a bautifull country: you should not forget to visit it!

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