DMS-meeting, saturday 25 april, Bussloo

On September 23, 1995 twenty DMS meteorobservers gather at the public observatory at Bussloo in advance of the DMS Leonids/alfa Monocerotids expedition to Spain. Note the photographic and video-equipment in front of the observers for three Dutch station and the Spanish station in Andalucia. (Photo by Kees Roos)

Please contact Hans Betlem for any further information: 071 - 5 22 38 17.
On saturday April 25 from 08:00 by GSM: 06 - 54 63 60 33.
We hope many of you will join us in Bussloo and we wish everybody a happy and interesting meeting, especially with future activities in mind.

Please stay tuned: this information will be updated regularly!

How to find the Public Observatory "Bussloo"

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