Physics on Stage with the Bulgarians
April 5, 2002
ESA/Estec - Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

Pictures of our "Bulgarian/Dutch IMC-conference"

Dragana Ocolic at left with the two Bulgarian girls of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe

The Dutch and Bulgarians gathering in the Restaurant at the End of the Netherlands (= universe?)

Marc Neijts, Marc de Lignie, Felix Bettonvil, the Bulgarian boy, Eva Bojurova and Dragana Ocolic

The Bulgarians far from home but much father away from the end of the universe

Eva wathing the now famous comet Ikeya-Zhang from the Dutch sanddunes

The Bulgarians at the Dutch beach near Noordijk aan zee

Physics on Stage (ESA / CERN / ESO)

More info on Physics on Stage (ESA/Estec - Noordwijk - the Netherlands)

Improving Human Research Potential (The European Commission)

Physics on Stage 2000 (Bulgaria)

Educational Project “Physics and Astronomy on stage” (Astronomical Observatorium and Planetarium - Varna - Bulgaria)

Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium "Nicolaus Copernicus - Varna - Bulgaria"

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