Leonids 2002 by team Otura / Rodalquilar

Rita Verhoef, Romke Schievink, Marco Langbroek, Carl Johannink and Casper ter Kuile

Marco Langbroek website : 2002 Leonids: some thoughts (followed by a personal account of the shower)

The famous crashsite at Rodalquilar, note the mediterranean sea in the background at walking distance

Our house in Otura, near to Granada

In our home at Otura Carl, Rita and Casper determine the best configuration for our photographic and image intensified video multistation projects. Note orange mandarins are used to locate the stations on the map!

Observers of team Otura enjoying their brunch (photo by Carl Johannink)

From left to right: Marco, Rita, Carl and Romke drinking caffee leache and thea at a pitsstop on our way to the crashsite Rodalquilar in the utmost south-eastern region of Spain. This part of Spain is well known as one of the most dry and sunny locations in Europe

Observers of team Otura at Sorbas near our crashsite, from left to right are: Romke, Casper, Carl and Marco. (photo taken by Rita Verhoef)

Observers of team Otura enjoying their brunch in Sorbas near our crashsite (photo taken by Marco Langbroek)

Casper and Carl in bath at Rodalquilar, Spain

Our famous crashsite at Rodalquilar once again (photo by Carl Johannink)

Our dinner at the hotel in paradise the evening before the very last Leonid outburst...

This photo shows Romke observing Leonids from one of the chairs from our hired car.

Part of our equipment set up to record Leonids. At left the multistation image intensified videosystem. At center rear the all-sky image intensified videosystem. At right the image intensified video system from Romke which is freely movable and so one of the bright persistent tgrails could be filmed!

Observers Romke, Rita, Carl and Marco of team Otura at the Rodalquilar crashsite

Carl at the beach near our crashsite at Rodalquilar

Gentlemen Carl, Casper and Romke resting on a bench at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Naughty Carl and Casper in jail in the Alhambra, Granada :-) (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

The source of the lions at the Alhambra, Granada (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

Lacework at the Alhambra, Granada (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

Romke and Casper, at his knees, in the cathedral, Granada (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

The Mezquita Mosque at Cordoba (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

The El Torcal rockformations with Casper high up and far away (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

On our way back from the El Torcal mountains Rita took this picture

Antiquerra as seen from the entrance of the fortress (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

Niek Nijland (sun of Jos and Karin) prepared a daybook of all what happened, espacially at team Castillejar. Members of the expedition were asked to write down some of their own thoughts with respects to the expedition. (Photo by Rita Verhoef)

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