Leonids 2001: Photographic Results

The DMS-US Leonid Expedition 2001

by Marc de Lignie, Marco Langbroek, Rita Verhoef, Romke Schievink and Ralf Mulder

Part of the observational team at Safford, Arizona: from left to right Romke Schievink, Marc de Lignie, Bob Lunsford, Marco Langbroek and Ralf Mulder. Missing are Rita Verhoef and Esther de Groot (picture: Rita Verhoef)

The desert scenery at the observing locality of DMS team Safford in the Black Hills, Safford, Arizona, USA (picture Marco Langbroek)

In the original slide of this 10 minute exposure with an f2.8/28mm Canon on Kodak Ektachrome 400, 6 Leonids go down against the background of the zodiacal light. DMS team Safford, Arizona, 18 november 2001 (picture Marco Langbroek)

A visit to Meteor Crater, Arizona, 20 november 2001 (Marco Langbroek in the foreground)

Inselbergs at Monument Valley, Arizona (picture Marco Langbroek)

Hillside with cactii near Phoenix (picture Marco Langbroek)

Well known American observer Bob Lunsford joined our team at Safford on the night of November 16/17

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