Leonids 2001: Expedition

The DMS-US Leonid Expedition 2001

by Andrew Elliot (UK), Hans Betlem (NL), Annemarie Zoete (NL), Pavel Kooten (CZ), Pavel Spurny (CZ), Anna Spurny (CZ), Pavel Trepka (CZ) and Steve Evans (UK)

Photo 1 : Both teams picked up campers at Cruise America in Albuquerque on November 15. At daytime campers were loaded and the cargo was distributed. Due to the unfavorable weather predictions for New Mexico we decided to move to Arizona. The night November 15/16 was spend together near the KOA Kampground in Holbrook (AZ). Here we see both campers and the NEMO television crew. They should stay around both teams during the whole campaign.

Photo 2 : One team settled near the South Gate of Perified Forest National Park. The petrified wood was formed fifty two million years ago when trees that were buried in mud sand and volcanic ash were turned to stone. Minerals filled the empty cells of the decaying wood until the whole structure became beautifully colored stone.

Photo 3 : The small kampground at the South Gate of the park near Hwy.180 proved an excellent location for one of the stations. The chunks of trees are petrified.

Photo 4 : Cindi Hertlein runs the souvenir and giftshop at the kampground. She did a great job at moments we needed assistance. Due to her efforts we managed to get generators at Friday evening after a breakdown of our 110-220 volt power convertor. During daytime al preparations could be done under comfortable conditions outdoors (23°C). Hans Betlem and Cindi inspect the camera batteries.

Photo 5 : In general generators are not welcome at the kampground of Crystal Forest but the Dutch Leonid expedition is somewhat different….

Photo 6 : Andrew Elliot is setting up his video equipment.

Photo 7 : After a successful observing period the Dutch Leonid expedition spended November 19 for touring in Arizona. Grand Canyon was visited in the early morning. Deep down the Colorado River finds its way.

Photo 8 : Around sunset on November 19 we toured around Monument Valley, an unbelievable landscape of red rock formations. Specially in the late afternoon hours an unforgettable landscape.

Photo 9 : This loneley rock is named Shiprock (as is also the most nearby town). The Navajo Indians call it "the rock with the wings". In ancient time the rock has flewn Indians who were under attack to safety.

Photo 10 : Mexican Hat is another formation in Monument Valley whe you should be around sunset.

Photo 11 : United again after the campain. Albuquerque, KOA Kampground, November 20. From right to left : Andrew Elliot (UK), Hans Betlem (NL), Annemarie Zoete (NL), Pavel Kooten (CZ), Pavel Spurny (CZ), Anna Spurny (CZ), Pavel Trepka (CZ) and Steve Evans (UK)

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