Leonids 2001: Photographic Results

The DMS-US Leonid Expedition 2001

by Peter Bus, Klaas Jobse and Jaap van 't Leven

Leonid 2001 Photographic Hour Rates

Observer:               Peter Bus
Observation site:       Vega-Bray Observatorium, Benson, Arizona, USA
Site Coordinates:       3156'26.7" N ; 11015'27.9" W ; Altitude 1100m
Equipment:              One single camera; Canon T70 + Canon Command Back
Lens:                   F3.2 / 28mm 
Field Camera:           73 x 49
Film:                   Fujichrome Sensia 400 Color Slides
Exposure times:         2m59s (1 second filmtransportation)
Observation Period:     2001, November 18,  9h27m - 11h03m UT (N Leonids = 90)
                        2001, November 18, 11h15m - 12h51m UT (N Leonids = 42)
Calculations:           Hourrates per 18 minutes shifted per 9 minutes 
                        Hourrates are corrected for elevation; HR= (N per hour / sin(h))
Maximum observed:       Calculated Photographic Maximum at 10h27m UT = λ 236.13 (2000.0)
Secondary Maximum?      At about 12h27m UT

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