Leonids 2000 : Photo Impressions
by Casper ter Kuile, De Bilt, the Netherlands

DMS-members observing the Leonids 2000

This is the famous "Hazen" Camera-array designed by DMS/Delphinus member Robert Haas. It consists of an inner circle of 4 Canon T-70 camaera's pointed at 75 degrees elevation. The outer circle contains 7 Canon T-70's and these camera's are pointed at 50 degrees elevation. All camera's are operated fully automatically by the use of a command back 70. The command back enables us to programme the camera-array to make 36 exposures and an exposuretime of f.e. 8 minutes. On this picture note the blue coloured sectormotor at left. The electronics compartment is at the right hand site. The outer casing is a so called "flightcase" which is used extensively by popgroups and mobile TV-reporters.

Here Robert Haas at right and Jos Nijland are changing films. Note the two "Hazen" camera-array's and the other two standard camera-array's. The latter two camera-array's consists of 9 Canon T-70's pointed at 25 degrees elevation. These camera's too are controlled fully automatically by the command back 70. All this work is carried out at the house of Casper ter Kuile which served as central command station of the crash-expedition Leonids 2000.

Robert Haas busy working with his camera's. We had to change all films in 40 (!) Canon T-70's which were exposed during the night 16/17. All systems should be fully operational again to photograph in the night of 17/18. Within an hour after this picture was made new fresh observers arrived and should be able to stay somewhere in the livingroom where are these camera array's now are located. After checking every camera, programming the command back 70, testing the rotating shutter and checking the heating of the camera's the array's were sealed and carried to the crash-expedition vehicles downstairs. Note the camera-array of Robert weights 35 kilograms!

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