Leonids 1998: Observational Results!

Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 1998

Team "XINGLONG": grouppictures

1. Main station "Xinglong"
2. Secondary station "Lin Ting Kou"

(Last updated: 98-12-15)

1. Main station "Xinglong"

BTV (Beijing Television) interviewing Pavel Spurny.
Photo: Michelle van Rossum

Instruments used by team Xinglong.

The instrument platform at Xinglong base-station.

Pavel Spurny, professional astronomer at the Tsjech Ondrejov Observatory, inspecting his allsky camera.

2. Secondary station "Lin Ting Kou"

The secondary post for simultaneous photographic and video observations, situated in the village of Lin Ting Kou, 85 km south of the Xinglong Observatory.
Right to left: Jaap van 't Leven, Liu Xiaosong, Klaas Jobse, Liu Xiaosong's wife, Peter Bus.
In front of the team the home-made metal (!) dipole antenna on a bamboo (!) frame for radio observations.
The temperature of -11 degrees centigrade and the strong wind of 4-5 Beaufort, resulted in a wind chill temperature of -30 degrees centigrade.
By wearing original Dutch wooden shoes, Peter managed to keep his feet warm.
The mean limiting magnitude at Lin Ting Kou was 6.8, every night.

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