Leonids 1998: persistent train movies

Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 1998

Three bautifull persistent trains of Leonid fireballs photographed on november 16/17, 1998 by Hans Betlem during the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 1998 in China at station Xinglong.

  • Leonid_train_movie1
  • Leonid_train_movie2
  • Leonid_train_movie3

  • Leonids 1997 : observed by video, NMS, Hawaii

    The 2 second meteoritical phenomenon filmed by NMS-members at Hawaii
    with an image intensified videosystem equiped with a Canon 24/1.4 mm lens,
    the circular field of view is 55 degrees. AVI-movie (1.3 MB)

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