IMC 2003 : Bollmannsruh - Germany
September 18 - 21, 2003 (AKM)

Preliminary impressions (last updated: september 22)

Bollmannsruh: a very good location to organise an IMC!

To all members of the AKM: You did a wonderfull job.

Jos, Arnold and I and all other participants were happy to be with you in Germany.

And now we have some very first nice pictures for you.... Please enjoy!

Our Japanese friends

Our Japanese friends

Romenian astrofriends

No need to tell: you recognise them immediately
We will meet our fine astrofriends again at the Perseids in Romenia!

Cold beer in Bollmannsruh!

Yes! a desparate search by the Dutch reveals lots of cold beer in Bollmannsruh!

Valentin Grigore at the IMO-desk

Valentin Grigore in front of the IMO-desk

IMO groupphoto

IMO groupphoto in sunshine at the amphiheater

Japanese and Romenians waiting for the bus to Berlin

Japanse and Romenians while waiting for the bus to Berlin

The Belgian gang...

The Belgian gang...

Jurgen, Chris and Joe at the Humbolt University

Jurgen Rendtel, Chris Trayner and Joe Zender listening to the explanation at the meteorite collection of the Humboltd University in Berlin.

Happy IMO participants outside the University

Happy IMO participants outside the University

On the way back to Bollmannsruh

In the bus on the way back to Bollmannsruh.

Detlef, Jorge and Joe and their laptop

Detlef Koschny, Jorge Diaz del Rio and Joe Zender in front of their laptop.

Two nice Dutch Guys of the DMS

Two nice Dutch guys of the Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)

Our Bulgarian Friends

Our Bulgarian friends who will organise the IMC 2004 at Varna with Valentin Velkov in the center.

Jos Nijland explains the camera array

Jos Nijland explaining the camera-arrays's to interested IMC-participants

Jeramie and Cis in the lecture hall

Jeremie Vaubaillon and Cis Verbeeck sitting in the lecture hall with the camera-arrays's in the foreground.

Sirko, Galina, Chris and Detlef at the front row

On the front row from left to right are Sirko Molau, Galina Ryabova, Chris Trayner and Detlef Koschny

Romenian Poetry

Famous Romenian Poetry, from left left to right are: Adriana Nicolae, Gelu-Claudiu Radu, Andrei Dorian Georghe, Ionut-Titus Ilesoi and Valentin Grigore.

Andre Knofel taking care of the BBQ

Andre Knofel taking care of the BBQ.

IMO participants around the campfire

IMC participants gathering around the campfire which would last until the very little hours...

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