IMC 2002 : Frombork - Poland
September 26 - 29, 2002 (PKIM)

Preliminary impressions (last updated: october 8)

Frombork: a very good location to organise an IMC!

To all members of the Polish Comets and Meteors Workshop: You did a wonderfull job.

Jos, Arnold and I and all other participants were happy to be with you in Poland.

And now we have some very first nice pictures for you.... Please enjoy!

The main street of Gdansk.
Note that houses are much like the well known ones in Amsterdam.

The harbor of Gdansk.

Jos (left) and Arnold (right) sitting on a terras in Gdansk drinking beer while it is raining "cats and dogs".

The cathedral as seen from the harbor.

The harbor of Frombork lighted by the very latest rays of sunlight.

At the harbor of Frombork: from left to right are Casper, Malcolm, Valentin and Arnold.
Photo by Jos Nijland.

Sitting from left to right are David Asher and three Romanians guys of which the most right one is Andrei Dorian Gheorghe.
Photo by Jos Nijland.

The large Cathedral of Frombork as seen from the tower.

IMC participants observe the pendule of Foucault which has been erected in the tower.

Jin Zhu and Min Guan at the top of the Tower.

A view over the small town of Frombork as seen from the tower.

The groupphoto of IMC participants in front of the Copernicus tower in Frombork.

IMC participants sitting in the church and listening to organ music.
Photo by Jos Nijland.

Two nice and funny Dutch IMC participants: Arnold at left and Jos at right.
Photo by Jos Nijland.

The IMC participants listening to a presentation while Jin is filming.

Jin Zhu and Min Guan working on their presentations.

Jos Nijland and Casper ter Kuile presenting the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001 and some very first visual and photographic results.

Min (filming), Jin and Casper listening to a presentation.
Photo by Jos Nijland.

Jin Zhu presenting his video-observations using a second generation image intensifier.

Min Guan of NAOC presenting very first results of the video-observations of the Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001.

Marc Gijssens runs the IMO-shop.
Marc repeatedly reminded the participants to renew theur IMO membership for a reduced price.

NAOC and DMS have dinner together.
From left to right are: Jos Nijland, Arnold Tukkers, Jin Zhu, Min Guan and Casper ter Kuile.

Jin Zhu accepting some presents from Arnold Tukkers, at left is Jos Nijland.
Arnolds presents are from the eastern part of the Netherlands "Twente".

Our well known SARM friends from Romania demonstrated their famous humoristic act at this IMC.

Jin Zhu filming at the good bye of the IMC participants.
Photo by Arnold Tukkers.

Groupphoto of the Polish organising committee PKIM, Comets and Meteors Workshop.
Note also some Romanians, Slovenians and Belarusians are in between...

Sino-Dutch Leonid Expedition 2001 members at the IMC.
Form left to right are: Arnold Tukkers, Min Guan, Casper ter Kuile, Jin Zhu and Jos Nijland.

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