Wedding Arnold & Elise - Sterrebos - 25 august 2000


Arnold and Elise amidst colorfull balloons while reading and listening to the songs. In a very near future they will enjoy a hot air balloonflight starting at the EPS public observatory

Members of the Dutch Meteor Society (DMS) present their song to the wedding partners. From left to right are: Jos Nijland, unknown, Rita Verhoef, Carl Johannink, Marc de Lignie, Esther, other unknown partymembers

Arnold and Elise with their three children. Note the sleeping bag Arnold is using to look for falling stars...

Again a shot of some well known DMS-members. Most members of the famous Sino_Dutch Leonid '98 expedition, team Delingha, visited the wedding party of Elise and Arnold.

Arnold and Elise having fun on the presented DMS-songs. Following the DMS-act members of the Public Observatory VST/EPS-Lattrop too presented their songs.

Here you see Elise and Arnold lifted up on chairs and carried along the partyhall.


And yes! The wedding partners have there first dance!


To escape from the noise DMS-members went outside the partyhall (and perhaps catch a falling start..., yes: the sky was clear!). Here we see Robert Haas, Arnold himself, Mr. Verhoef and Carl Johannink. Traditional wedding party's in the eastern part of the Netherlands consist of much loud music and lots of special drinks... (We would be surprised if this were different in other countries...)


Arnold and Rita both well know observers from the Public Observatory VST/EPS-Lattrop.


Esther and Marc obviously feel well at the party. It must be stressed the wedding party of Elise and Arnold was a great happening! We enjoyed it all very much! We wish Arnold and Elise many happy years together with the children! Oh yes: and lots of fine fireballs!!!


Carl and Elisabeth obviously feel well too at the party. Carl is fully interested in the delicious cake... Elisabeth asked us to visit Gronau to test the cookings she and Carl are preparing and none of us said no...

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