Geminids 2004 - Weather situation

DMS Geminid Expedition 2004 to the Kahler Asten, Winterberg, Sauerland, Germany

Meteorologist Jacob Kuiper of the Royal Dutch Weather Services "KNMI", here sitting in the "weatherroom", points to the hole in the cloudlayer which indicates the postion of the Kahler Asten mountain in Sauerland, Germany.
Image: Jacob Kuiper, Weather Picture International (WPI)

This NOAA image very nicely shows the cloudcover above western Europe on december 11 at 13 UT. Jacob has indicated the highest mountaintops which peaks above the status cloudlayer.
Image: Jacob Kuiper, Weather Picture International (WPI)

NOAA image on 13 december 2004 at 12:46 UT showing the very most of western Europe covered by a stratiform cloudlayer. Most of Europe is under a high pressure system for many days and then fog and low cloud are easyly formed. But... there are some clear spots: the Ardennen with the Botranges at 694 meter altitude, the Eiffel at 747 meters altitude, Sauerland including the Kahler Asten of 841 meters altitude, the Vogezen with the Grand Ballon at 1424 altitude and the Zwarte Woud with the Feldberg at 1493 altitude. So the top of the stratiform cloudlayer is at about 600 meters altitude.
Image: Wokingham Weather by Bernard Burton

NOAA image on 14 december 2004 at 12:34 UT showing the clears spots have extended over a much larger area. This was the time we left Winterberg for our drive home along the German highways to the Netherlands. Note the Alps which are visible completely!
Image: Wokingham Weather by Bernard Burton

Webcams in region Sauerland - Winterberg:

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