Geminids 2004 - Observing location

DMS Geminid Expedition 2004 to the Kahler Asten, Winterberg, Sauerland, Germany

Let us first point out were our observing location is. Lets start from the overview from Germany.
Starting in Gronau near Enschede at the Dutch/German border we drive south to the Ruhrgebied along the A31 in Germany. Then we go east along the A2 and then do some "hopping" from one autobahn to the other to finally enter the Sauerland region.

First we are driving along the autobahn A46. The last part of our trip is along secundary roads from Meschede along bundesstrasse B7 to Olsberg and the B480 to Winterberg.

Then zooming in towards Winterberg and the Kahler Asten with the weatherstation on top of it.
Our observing location is 100 meters south of the weather station which is fairly well lighted :-( but luckely some bush is in between us :-)

Geographical coordinates of Kahler Asten mountain (841 m altitude), Winterberg, Sauerland, Germany:
51 11' N
8 28' E

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