Fireball Report Form

Welcome to the FIREBALL REPORT FORM of the Dutch Meteor Society!
Please fill out this form if you have anything strange to report such as bright fireballs or any object at the sky which you cannot identify. You should also use this form to report a possible meteorite. Use the Submit Your Report button to submit your report to DMS. Please do not wipe out the defaulttext in de inputfields but put your information immediately at the right hand site of this text! The default text is used as a reminder by the DMS.
Please let us know if you like this Fireball Report Form and please feel free to make any suggestions to improve the Fireball Report Form in the future. Thank you!

Observer name: Observer group: Address: Number: Zip-code: City: Country: Phone-number: Fax-number: E-mail:
Observing date: Observing time: [UT] Observing place: Magnitude:
First sigthing: (Right Ascension and Declination) RA-begin: [] DC-begin: [dd] End sighting: (Right Ascension and Declination) RA-end: [] DC-end: [dd]
Duration: [in seconds] Color: [white, yellow, green, etc] Trail: [no, yes] Persistent train: [no, yes: in seconds] Fragmentation: [no, yes] Velocity: [slow, medium, fast] Sound: [no, yes: describe!]
The comment fields below should only be used in case you cannot mention certain phenomena using the inputfields above.

Thank you for your information! We will contact you as soon as possible!

Please let us know your opinion regarding this report form!

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